ProBio™ - a new probiotic technology

We present you the products of our new series ProBioTM 

Supplementary feed for sows, piglets, fattening pigs and
broilers. Available in formulations for different types of applications.

    • Weight gain
    • Increased food intake
    • Better feed conversion
      Fattening pigs:
    • Significantly less diarrhea

    • Larger litters
    • Higher weight of the piglets
    • Daily weight gain
    • Robust health status by sows and piglets

  • Faster weight gain

water-soluble feed supplement for poultry and pig fattening

    • Improvement of the performance parameters live
      weight gain, feed consumption and feed conversion
    • Reducing stress vulnerability
    • Increase the resilience
    • Reduce losses
    • Vitale Animals

Supplementary feed for calves which can be used both in
milk replacers and in milk enhacers

  • Faster weight gain
  • Improved feed intake
  • Better feed conversion
  • Improved food intake whith milk replacers

Supplementary feed for calves for use in milk enhacers
ProBioLV combines the benefits of ProBio L with extra vitamins
and other positive active material (lignocellulose, medium chain fatty acids,
glucose, etc.), to ensure the rapid and especially safe development of the calf.

Supplementary feed for sows and fattening pigs

  • Increased lactic acid production
  • Rapid decrease of pH value below 4.5
  • Safe suppression of unwanted microflora (eg, E. coli bacteria)
  • Inhibition of the decay processes
  • Reduction of CO2 education
  • Conservation value of the feed
  • Digestion of nutrients (phosphorus, starch, protein)
  • Support of food intake
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