tec2energy - We create new energies for your success


Unbelievable yet true, and reason enough for tec2energy to be interested: the sun produces in only 3 hours the energy needed to cover the annual demand of the globe. Fossil commodities run shorter and we have to look for alternative energy sources. This is exactly, what tec2trade is doing. On the one side we run projects for renewable resources and on the other hand we distribute seeds for renewable energy crops. Sorghum seeds might be the best example.

tec2trade owns a huge Know-How in bio-energy-production. We establish perfect, easily and fast realisable concepts from seeds of renewable energy crops.

Our mobile society and our increasing quality of life need energy. tec2energy deals with the search for alternative technologies for energy production from renewable resources.

Thus, tec2trade operates in a strongly growing business sector with delivery and supply contracts. Regional development – just like sustainability, guarantee of natural and renewable resources plays a significant role for tec2trade.

Together with our international partners we are ahead of time, in the areas of sustainable alternative energies.

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