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Usage of www.tec2trade.com implies that the user notes and accepts the following: All data and other information contained on this website are provided for general information only. Prior to use of the information displayed on this website the user should consult tec2trade’ officers. tec2trade accepts no liability for any error, imperfection, fault, mistake or unreliability and inaccuracy of the contents of this web portal that occur due to time discrepancy, error in updating process or any other unpredictable reason. Furthermore, tec2trade is not liable for the form and content of information acquired through hypertext links not owned by tec2trade.

This website is the intellectual property of tect2trade. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce, distribute, sell, modify or re-design presentations from this website without the written permission of tec2trade. Any unauthorized attempts to amend or damage the data on this website or any action resulting in permanent or temporary inaccessibility of the data on this website will be prosecuted.

Requests for an explanation of the purpose of the information on this web site should be sent to:
e-mail: office@tec2trade.com

tec2trade reserves the right to refuse a request without explanation.

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