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Seed Licenses
Seed works – with the right marketing

tec2trade controls, registers, produces and markets seed licenses from regional breeding companies. tec2trade is marketing seeds for maize, wheat, WOSR, sunflower, confection sunflower, soybean, sorghum, chick-peas and more.

Feed Additives  Prevention is better than cure

Among tec2trade’s core values are the protection and care for animals and humans. tec2trade focuses on the hygiene of animals. Therefore we offer high-tec microbial additives to preserve nutritional values of forages as well as probiotics for feed additives.

Renewable Energies New energy crops for your success

tec2trade offers a huge Know-How in bio-energy production. We establish feasable and fast realisable concepts from seeds for renewable energy crops to biogas, biomass and bioethanol production. tec2trade searches for alternative technologies.

BusinessDevelopment     Global concentrated competence

tec2trade supports and consults expanding companies worldwide. A thoroughly designed, 6-phase program ensures clear strategies  and guaranteed success. Precise planning and professional risk management are certain key elements of tec2trade.

Latest News

S&W Seeds and tec2trade

Since March 2019, we represent 100% the interest of the S&W group, which has American-Australian roots . S&W is listed on New York’s Wall Street.

BUSA Rotor on Tour in Germany & Austria

12. – 14. June 2018 in Bernburg-Strenzfeld (Germany) at DLG-field days

15. – 16. June 2018 in Donnerskirchen (Austria) – BIO-Landgut Esterhazy at BIO-field days

We are pleased to announce that we are presenting the BUSA Rotor at DLG field days in Germany and at BIO field days in Austria.
Let us convince you on site of the innovative soil preparation by BUSA Rotor. We gladly advise you on the professional use and the enormous advantages of the BUSA equipments (seedbed makers and cultivators).

We look forward to welcoming you personally!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Your BUSA Expert in Germany and in Austria

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