tec2seed - Seed works. With the right marketing

We offer high-quality seeds, but also before and after sowing, some products can be used in order to ensure and increase yields. As your yields are our goal, you will find in our product range various species of hybrid seeds and also innovative products we are currently working on.

Tec2trade develops new markets for smaller European and Asian breeders. Selected seeds for canola and maize are distributed in countries like Austria, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Germany, Greece, and other markets.

The portfolio also contains contracted production, such as production of striped sunflower. tec2seed – once again achieves Win-Win-Situations, true to its vision. Producers, consumers, as well as the environment benefit from this concept.

tec2seed controls and merchandises seeds for maize, sunflower, rape, chick-pea, soybean and sorghum

Our Products

Confection Sunflower




TR Alpha


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