Soil preparation with BUSA – Rotor – The Innovation!

* Seedbed makers
* Row crop cultivators
* Plant cultivators


* Holistic solution for mechanical weed control
* Significantly lower maintenance costs
* Less wear of tools and tines
* High working speed
* Continuous use
* Effective and quick
* No clogging

The Goal of the Technology

For profitable production, a good machine is not enough. Good technology is needed, which holds the plant`s needs as a priority. The plant requires water, nutrition, air, light and suitable temperature.
In order to secure that, it needs to be sown is a suitable soil, which needs to be maintained throughout the plant`s lifetime.

The ideal soil:
* Moderately rugged, but not dusty surface
* Even surface
* Compressed seedbed base
* Lower layers with air and water traffic

The pinnacle of the technological importance is the row-crop cultivation. This maintains the ideal habitat for the plants, a lot of losses can be decreased by this. However, one wondrous machine is not enough in technology. The success of the steps to be taken later may be improved with the earlier procedures.

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